This is a short animation about one textile of the “Alchimera” Collection. This video is an experiment about digital shapes and fabrics.

CPP Film Cast Polypropylene Film Manufacturer China

This video is briefly showing the production of CPP Film, cast polypropylene film that is used for food packaging, textiles packaging, twist wrapping, floral wrapping, medical and hygiene film, retort packaging, deep freeze application as well as lamination with BOPP or…

Natural / Unnatural

What becomes with the internal in a digitalised world, where nature is asking to be loved, and humanity too? The confusion of a human natural experience, of finding a centered self, at a time where nature takes back its ruling.…

We Met Online: Artists in conversation

Join ‘Conflict in My Outlook_We Met Online’ artists Kate Geck, Xanthe Dobbie and Daniel McKewen as they unpack their artistic practices in relation to internet culture and networked technologies, discussing what it means to pivot mid-project due to the global…

La femme qui marche

Intervention réalisée pendant la projection de Sans toit ni loi d’Agnès Varda, coorganisée avec le collectif Kabane77, sur l’ancienne enseigne Textiles.